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Lotus Care Travel will assist you with all the care you need from the very start of planning until you return home. Our 5-Star Travel Services and the 5-star Medical Care at our JCI Accredited specialised hospitals in Thailand will give you satisfaction, quality care, and value throughout all stages of your medical travel journey. Review our services below and see how the process works step-by-step.

It all starts with a doctor’s report. A Lotus Care employee will conduct a personalized interview with you or your doctor in order to understand your needs and preferences for medical care needed and all travel arrangements. We will assist you to collect all the relevant medical records and diagnostic results that will allow our medical coordinating physicians in Bangkok to assess your ailment and determine to which specialised medical center you should be referred to.

Your health is precious and only the best is good enough. But the best should come at a reasonable cost, which you want to know in advance. After we forward your Medical Report and/or CT or MRI images to our coordinating doctors in Bangkok, you will get a doctor’s advice, treatment plan and cost estimate including surgical fees, doctor's fees, lab tests, medicine and room fees. The total inpatient or outpatient bill for the whole procedure will be known to you in advance. Despite getting the best medical care available, the total costs will be very reasonable. Lotus Care Travel has a unique Real Cost Guarantee : You will pay the same price to Lotus Care Travel as if you would go direct to the Hospital.

Lotus Care Travel has been specialised in travel to Thailand for many years and our programs are specifically customized to meet your needs and the needs of your companion. We have a number of excellent 3, 4 and 5 star hotels in the close vicinity of the hospitals, but also self-service apartments, for those who have to stay longer in Bangkok.
A good number of airlines fly from Nairobi to Bangkok and we can book any of those, depending on your preference.

Once you have all the information you need, we will help to review all your travel options and assist you in making an informed choice that works best for your situation. We will coordinate in getting the visas to Thailand for you and your companion. Lotus Care Travel offers medical travel packages that include your travel, accommodations, the medical treatment, and other expenses at significant savings to you.

Upon arrival in Bangkok, our liaison, who has lived in Nairobi for 15 years and the last 10 years in Bangkok, will assist you and your companion to navigate in Bangkok.
Now your medical treatment can begin. Based on your and your companion's requirements, all levels of concierge services are available.
During your treatment and follow-up care while abroad, we will make sure your friends and family back home remain updated about your progress and condition.
We will follow up with you as you recover and continue to provide support as needed during your stay. Once you are well enough to return home, we will arrange for your flight back home.

At Lotus Care Travel, your health is precious to us, even after you returned home. As soon as you get home, we will meet with you and get your feedback on your health, the medical care received, the procedures followed, the concierge services rendered, your experience of Bangkok and anything else, that you might want to discuss. We understand the value of continuity of care and make sure we review your case with your local physician for follow-up treatment. Patient, referring physicians, and treating physicians will be engaged in a final satisfaction review to make sure your experience with Lotus Care Travel and the Hospital met all your medical, travel and accommodation needs.