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Bangkok's Neuroscience Centres

The Hospitals in Bangkok, Thailand are recognized centres of excellence in neurology. They provide a complete array of diagnostic, therapeutic, surgical and rehabilitation services for comprehensive treatment and management of neurological disorders.

The many neurologists and neurosurgeons specialize in everything from memory disorders to brain surgery. These doctors have studied in top Thai and international institutions, in countries such as United States, England, Canada, and Australia. In addition, the hospitals have a large staff of rehabilitation doctors and therapists to help patients regain functionality during recovery.

Diagnostic Technology
Bumrungrad’s Neuroscience Center provides technologies for investigation of neurological disorders such as:

  • EEG (electroencephalography)
  • EMG (electromyography)
  • Advanced EEG Monitoring for Epilepsy
  • MRI & MRA
  • Spiral CT / 3D CT