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Real Cost Guarantee 1
With Lotus Care Travel, you will pay the same price using Lotus Care Travel as you would with visiting the hospital directly. Lotus Care Travel provides you additional services of coordination free of charge. Patients pay direct to the hospital.

Real Cost Guarantee 2
With Lotus Care Travel, Real Cost include all medical expenses Surgical fees, Doctor's fees, Lab Tests, medicine and room fees.

Real Cost Guarantee 3
Lotus Care Travel Real Cost system is transparent and accountable. Separate Prices for flights and taxes, hospital and doctor's fees, accommodation and transfers.

Real Cost Guarantee 4
Lotus Care Travel coordinates visas to Thailand hassle free at cost.

Real Cost Guarantee 5
Lotus Care Travel DOES NOT CHARGE additional administrative fees or taxes

REAL COST at LotusCareTravel
A more reliable way to estimate what you'll pay.

When you ask a hospital how much your medical procedure will cost, what does their answer mean? Does their estimate include doctor’s fees? Inpatient room costs?
Is it the lowest possible cost, or does it reflect the prices actually paid by typical patients?

REAL COST information with LotusCareTravel is based on the actual invoices patients paid upon leaving the hospital. It includes surgical fees, doctor’s fees, lab tests, medicine and room fees. In fact the total inpatient or outpatient bill for the procedure.